Google Messages Magic Compose

Google teases Magic Compose feature for Messages app

During I/O 2023 event, Google introduced several iconic tools and functions related to AI capabilities. Eventually, one of them was the Magic Compose feature for Google Messages which will soon make its way to general consumers.

The term itself sounds quite surprising and magical to the ears. And interestingly, the same thing applies to its functions. Magic Compose feature for Google Messages uses artificial intelligence (AI) functionalities to help you in writing more personal as well as delightful texts.

How’s that possible? Well, this happens with the means of new and useful suggestions that the feature offers to the app. On the flip side, these suggestions will enable you to rewrite your text, based on the content and the tone you want to convey.

Let’s understand this matter with an instance. Suppose, you are writing to a workmate or colleague. Here, Magic Compose will suggest a more formal and professional tone. On the other hand, if you want to deliver a message to a friend, the tone will appear casual.

Some more functions that the Magic Compose feature can opt for:

  • Suggest you different ways to rewrite your context, based on the context or the tone.
  • Suggest different styles of writing.
  • Help you write more concise and grammatically correct messages.
  • Save your time by suggesting responses to common texts.
  • Make your messages more fun and attractive.

Google Messages Magic Compose


Google teases Magic Compose feature for Messages app

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