Joshua Benjie is the senior editor at, He began his early career in electronics engineering in 2020. He has a deep understanding of Android and likes to spin his head around the Android ecosystem.

Chritina Cheng is a OnePlus enthusiast, she likes those smartphones a lot and likes to spent her free time hiking and jumping around with her pogo stick. She calls herself Pogo Girl.

Merry Ling is a certiifed Python programmer, she worked as a freelancer before joining RPRNA and she's sharing her expertise in tech with our readers. Merry likes donuts and likes to eat them most of the time.

Britney Wales has a big fish found and she kicked off her writing journey about technologies to take care of fish and she then transformed her intersts in smartphones and software. And she still loves fish.

I have done my bachelor's in Computer Science. Currently, writing about mobile Operating Systems.

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