OnePlus 8 Pro battery exploded

OnePlus 8 Pro battery exploded severely even in idle condition

OnePlus offers some of the best smartphones in the market, but the latest OnePlus 8 Pro ‘battery exploded’ disaster has created several questions about the brand’s quality. Let’s get into the depth of this matter and understand the scenario.

Recently, a OnePlus 8 Pro user reported that the device’s battery has exploded severely. Shockingly, this incident happened when the phone was in an idle state and not even charging. The owner further said that he filed the problem in the service center, but the investigation team denied any kind of support.

According to the inputs, the technicians said that the battery would have exploded due to extreme pressure on Motherboard. Though that was not the case at all and the phone was broken abruptly without any manual drop or damage.

Adding more details, the user mentioned that he was sleeping 1ft away from the phone when the accident occur. Perhaps, more than the loss of the device, it was a serious threat to someone’s life and might have harmed the person.

Responding to the report, a consumer stated that it is quite scary as many of us sleep with these devices near us. Moreover, this might be an incident with any smartphone since anything with lithium batteries has the same risk.

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Consequently, it is better to change the smartphone’s battery if it’s 3 or more years old. Of course, many of us are having handsets that run perfectly with an aged battery. But it is a must to check the lifespan as prevention is always better than cure.

Also, you can try the following measures to avoid stress on the battery to some extent:

  • Try to avoid using the phone while it’s charging.
  • Use Auto-Brightness and prevent using the phone under the sun for too long.
  • Too many apps in the background can also lead to overload. Hence, clear the applications that are not used temporarily.
  • Avoid glass, or metal-like materials and use a breathable, good heat-dissipation phone case.
  • Do not play games or watch videos when the phone is hot and wait for the temperature to go to its normal levels.

OnePlus 8 Pro battery exploded

OnePlus 8 Pro battery exploded severely even in idle condition

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