Samsung One UI November 2022 Security Patch details released

Samsung November 2022 Security Patch details

Samsung One UI 5.0 major software skin is currently dispatching for eligible Galaxy users and alongside Google is also supportively working with the firm by releasing the November 2022 security patch details on time for Galaxy users. Yes! Samsung gets the recent month’s security patch details with lots of fixes.

As per the Samsung update security bulletin, the November 2022 patch includes fixe from more than dozens of vulnerabilities found on Google’s Android OS. In addition to this, Samsung Mobile provides 26 fixes from Samsung vulnerabilities and exposure (SVE) items.

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However, the November 2022 patch marked 3 CVEs from the Critical level, 32 CVEs marked as High level, and 1 marked as Moderate level of CVE. However, 15 were marked as not applicable to Samsung Galaxy devices.

Samsung November 2022 Security Patch details

Additionally, the company also fixes some One UI SVE elements to give a better user experience. The monthly security patch for compatible devices tries to fix the problem with the current version and keep devices secure from hackers. Samsung and Google have released patches as part of this security update.

Below you can check the complete details for the same:

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures


  • CVE-2022-25748, CVE-2022-25720, CVE-2022-33243


  • CVE-2021-0696, CVE-2021-0951, CVE-2021-0699, CVE-2022-20422, CVE-2022-20421, CVE-2022-20423, CVE-2022-25661, CVE-2022-25660, CVE-2022-25749, CVE-2022-25736, CVE-2022-33217, CVE-2022-33214, CVE-2022-22077, CVE-2022-2209, CVE-2022-20441, CVE-2022-20446, CVE-2022-20448, CVE-2022-20450, CVE-2022-20452, CVE-2022-20457, CVE-2022-20455, CVE-2022-20426, CVE-2022-20451, CVE-2022-20454, CVE-2022-20462, CVE-2022-20463, CVE-2022-20465, CVE-2022-20445, CVE-2022-20447, CVE-2022-20414, CVE-2022-20453, CVE-2022-20115.


  • CVE-2022-20409

Already included in previous updates:

  • CVE-2022-20424, CVE-2022-25723

Not applicable to Samsung devices

  • CVE-2022-26472, CVE-2022-26471, CVE-2022-25687, CVE-2022-25718, CVE-2022-20430, CVE-2022-20431, CVE-2022-20432, CVE-2022-20433, CVE-2022-20434, CVE-2022-20435, CVE-2022-20436, CVE-2022-20437, CVE-2022-20440, CVE-2022-20438, CVE-2022-20439

Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposure items:

  • SVE-2022-1810(CVE-2022-39888): Improper access control vulnerability in MiscPolicy
  • SVE-2022-1809(CVE-2022-39887): Improper access control vulnerability in MiscPolicy
  • SVE-2022-1743(CVE-2022-39886): Improper access control vulnerability in RIL
  • SVE-2022-1717(CVE-2022-39885): Improper access control vulnerability in DeviceManagement
  • SVE-2022-1704(CVE-2022-39884): Improper access control vulnerability in IImsService
  • SVE-2022-1661(CVE-2022-39883): Improper authorization vulnerability in StorageManagerService
  • SVE-2022-1136(CVE-2022-39882): Heap overflow vulnerability in library
  • SVE-2022-0979(CVE-2022-39881): Improper input validation vulnerability in Exynos modems
  • SVE-2022-0746(CVE-2022-39880): Improper input validation vulnerability in DualOutFocusViewer
  • SVE-2022-0734(CVE-2022-39879): Improper authorization vulnerability in CallBGProvider


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