When will OnePlus feature the desktop mode on smartphones?

OnePlus is well-known to bring efficient devices with ultimate lens framework and technology, however, the company lacks in one field where other tech makers such as Samsung has excelled years ago – The Desktop Mode.


Known as Dex mode to the Samsung fans, Desktop mode is a feature that makes multitasking easier. Consequently, it expands the split-screen mode or the Android multi-window. As a result, users can conveniently work between apps, tools, and services.

Other than Samsung, Xiaomi, and LG has also equipped this technology to bring the ease of multitasking at the doorsteps of the users. However, OnePlus has not yet switched to such a feature. Why? That’s still a big question for all of us.

Samsung desktop mode OnePlus

Though, the company made a lot of noise to release such a feature with the latest OxygenOS version. But even after many updates, and new flagship handsets, the users were unable to find the amazing feature. Several users discussed the Desktop mode topic on the forums as well. However, the company has not given its ears to the feature demand.

After, Samsung, Xiaomi, and LG, we expect OnePlus to bring the Desktop mode to its users in the near future. Or else, the company might lose a lot of customers.

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