Android 14 drag-and-drop

Android 14 drag-and-drop to allow easy content sharing across apps

Android 14 is once again taking space in the headlines for an all-new drag-and-drop feature. The name is quite familiar to our ears but now has a different function for your handy gadget. In the latest edition, this interesting element will enable easy content sharing across apps.

Looking into the inputs, Google has implemented the drag-and-drop feature with the newest Android 14 beta firmware. This tweak can encourage users to move and share content between applications throughout the device’s system.

So far, Android 13 and other previous builds do have this ability. Though users running the old upgrades were only able to move the content when the apps are active. This has made drag-and-drop functions limited among consumers. To be more specific, you can select a text or an image from one app to another only if both apps are open in split-screen mode.

On the flip side, when the respective feature remains active, the system disables the navigation gesture to go back home or even look out at the recent apps’ menu. But it seems like this will not be the case anymore, and Google is revamping the entire feature.

Android 14 drag-and-drop

According to Google analyst @Nail_Sadykov, the next Android version will ultimately give you more controls and a new avatar of the drag-and-drop feature. It will enable you to turn on system navigation while dragging and dropping items in apps.

For instance, you can take a photo or text from one application and open another app and drop it there. Earlier, this was only accessible in split-screen mode. However, it’s now becoming more convenient just like iOS.

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Currently, the capability is involved in the Android 14 beta 2 upgrade and we may find it live for general consumers with the stable release. It would be a good move, allowing users to efficiently share the content across apps even if you need to open an app from the home screen.

Android 14 drag-and-drop to allow easy content sharing across apps

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