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A new update to One UI 6.1 Samsung LockStar is coming soon

Samsung LockStar is an app for customizing your smartphone’s lock screen. It helps users to change every aspect of their Galaxy device interface according to their preferences. In addition to selecting default wallpapers, the app also lets you customize the design of the clock shown at the top of your screen.

In the recent moment, Samsung is preparing to release a new update for the One UI 6.1 LockStar Good Lock module, which will resolve the issue of the fixed position of the clock. Yes, some users are facing a bug in which the clock app position got stuck and could not get repositioned, as per choice.

However, the Korean tech giant has acknowledged the issue and assures to fix it with the One UI 6.1 Samsung LockStar app update. Notably, Samsung has not yet shared the exact timeframe but ensures that the work for the next update is in the process. Thus, we can expect its arrival soon.

A new update to One UI 6.1 Samsung LockStar is coming soon

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