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Android 15 could speed up webpages loading for apps

The upcoming Android 15 OS will bring new features and some significant improvements. One of the changes that Android 15 could introduce is the ability to pin Android System WebView into memory, which could speed up the browsing experience.

Android System WebView is a part that allows apps to display web content without opening a separate browser app. Many apps use WebView to access various features, such as showing login screens, help pages, or full articles.

WebView is based on the same code as Google Chrome, but it is updated separately. To save space on the device, Google created a shared library called Trichrome.

According to information (via AndroidPolice), Google may pin the base APK of the trichrome library to memory with Android 15, which means it will not be removed from memory when the user opens a big-size app. This could reduce the loading time of web pages and make the browsing experience smoother.

The feature is currently enabled in Android 15 Developer Preview 1, but it may change or be removed in future versions. Android 15 is expected to be released later this year, with new features and improvements for Android users.

Android 15 could speed up webpages loading for apps

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