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Apple officially launched VisionOS App Store for Vision Pro 

Apple Vision Pro has not yet gone official and the firm has already launched its VisionOS App Store, which will help users find apps to run on their Vision Pro and enjoy its features and capabilities to an extent. Notably, the release date of Apple’s first Vision Pro is set for February 2, 2024, in the US.

As per the details, the Apple VisionOS ‌App Store‌ will house both apps designed specifically to take advantage of the Vision Pro as well as iOS apps that can run on the device in a 2D mode. In addition, existing apps can also be ported to Vision Pro with no action needed on the part of the developer.

It means, the developers are now able to release apps for the Vision Pro and have those apps appear in the VisionOS ‌App Store‌. As of now, regular consumers don’t have access to the Vision Pro headset or app, but reviewers who have the device on hand will be able to try out third-party apps created for the headset.


Apple officially launched VisionOS App Store for Vision Pro 

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