Apple VisionOS App Store

Apple Vision Pro supports over 600 native apps

Apple launching its first headset device the Vision Pro today on February 2nd, 2024 in the US, and this wearable device supports over 600 native apps. To be mentioned, it was previously reported that the Apple Vision Pro’s App Store contained only between 150 and 200 apps that had been built specifically for the new device.

But afterward, Apple announced that it had tripled the previous estimates, and over 600 apps with native support for visionOS will be available on the Vision Pro when the headset launches in the US. Notably, this first headest device, Apple Vision Pro can also run iPad apps, so its App Store also contains over a million of those.

Notably, the Vision Pro offers a diverse range of apps in the visionOS App Store including spanning sports, entertainment, productivity, gaming, and exploration. Like the Disney+, IMAX, Max, MLB, NBA, PGA TOUR Vision, and Red Bull TV have all been optimized to take full advantage of the Vision Pro’s spatial design and capabilities.

Other apps optimized for the Vision Pro include Airmail, Box, CARROT Weather, djay, Fantastical, Facades, J.Crew, JigSpace, Lowe’s, MindNode, MUBI, Navi, Night Sky, Numerics, OmniFocus, OmniPlan, Parcel, PCalc, Sky Guide, Tides, Voyager by ForeFlight, Wayfair, Webex, Zillow, Zoom, and many others.

Microsoft 365 apps like Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Teams, and Word also natively support visionOS. In addition to all this, more than one million compatible iOS and iPadOS apps will automatically be available on the Vision Pro at launch. These apps have not been optimized for visionOS, so they will have a more iPad-like appearance.

Apple VisionOS App Store

Apple Vision Pro supports over 600 native apps

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