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Gboard 13.3 update bringing stylus handwriting, AI stickers, and more

Google is preparing a new update with a 13.3 version for the Gboard app that will introduce a bunch of interesting features such as AI stickers, stylus handwriting mode, an all-new voice typing tool, and more. Let’s learn more about these approaching capabilities in detail.

According to the information, the latest Gboard 13.3 version update is still in the beta phase and is testing new features such as stylus handwriting mode, AI stickers, and more. You can read about these features below.

1. Stylus handwriting mode

Google is bringing a new stylus handwriting mode that simply transforms your handwriting from a finger or stylus into text. You can directly write in any text field just like the scribble feature for Apple Pencil. Further, you can opt for new editing gestures:

  • Select – Draw a circle around a letter, word, or phrase to select it. Then tap the selection to see more options.
  • Insert – Use your stylus to draw a caret or arrow where you would like to add new text.
  • Join – Draw a line to join text or separate words.
  • New line – Draw down, then left with your stylus to move the text to a new line

Gboard 13.3 update stylus handwriting AI

2. Voice typing toolbar

The US tech giant is adding a unique toolbar that will enable users to minimize the keyboard or simply collapse the keys. This will help in displaying more screen space while using the voice typing mode. All you have to do is, press a new tab to the left of the microphone.

Gboard 13.3 update stylus handwriting AI

3. Generative AI proof-reading

Another interesting capability is the AI proofreading feature which helps you in correcting the spelling, grammar, and punctuation marks on a single tap. It further stores your feedback and the text you write to Google servers for 60 days to help you out with enhanced suggestions.

Gboard 13.3 update stylus handwriting AI

4. Emogen: AI stickers

Users will now be able to create new emoji-style stickers with the help of AI technology. The Emogen feature currently has an emoji-like UI. Besides, you can directly enter a prompt rather than searching for minutes.

Gboard 13.3 update stylus handwriting AI

5. Generative AI ‘tone’

Last but not least, you can select the style or tone you would like to rewrite with.

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Gboard 13.3 update bringing stylus handwriting, AI stickers, and more

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