Gboard AI conversation starters

Gboard is picking new AI conversation starters feature

Google has a dedicated keyboard application – Gboard which is getting a new AI conversation starters feature. As the name reflects, the latest addition to the app will help in breaking the ice and starting a conversation.

Spotted by a rising telegram channel, Google has implemented a useful AI conversation starters feature for Gboard. The feature remained under the hood for a long time, and the US manufacturer is still testing it for more efficiency.

Other than Proofreading and changing the tone of a conversation, Gboard can now help you start a conversation as well. With 30+ topics to choose from, you can select a topic and Gboard will generate something (A question or short info) from that topic.

All you have to do is – tap on an empty text box in a chat and then tap on the “Proofread” button. Thereafter, it will show the following topics:

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Gboard AI conversation starters


Gboard is picking new AI conversation starters feature

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