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Google Assistant on Android Auto getting major redesign

Over time the Android Auto features and functionalities keep on getting new makeovers and in recent development, the Google Assistant is getting a major redesign. This new modification of the Android Auto app will make the UI intuitive to offer a more seamless and precise experience.

According to the details, the Google Assistant redesign on Android Auto now shows the “listening” UI on the bottom bar that replaces app icons. A “Hi, how can I help you?” tag appears if you don’t immediately start speaking, but once you’ve started speaking, Google will transcribe what you’ve said along this bar.

However, the replies from the Assistant are still read aloud and not shown on screen, but this new UI makes a big change. In addition to this, Google is also modifying the way the voice replies work on Android Auto. The voice replies now appear in any space not being used by maps and show along the bottom row of widgets.

Consequently, the modified design of the Google Assistant app is rolling out with version 11.2 and will be available to download via the Play Store this week through the beta program.

 Google Assistant Android Auto redesign


Google Assistant on Android Auto getting major redesign

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