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Google Calendar gains redesigned Material You widgets for home screen

Google Calendar is rolling out redesigned Material You widgets for the home screen. The latest tweak will not only add an interesting look to the application but will also simplify the way users work and perform relevant functions. So let’s take a tour of this makeover.

As per the revealings, Google Calendar for Android is getting redesign Material You home screen widgets. To begin with, the size of these widgets can range from the small 2 x 2 or can cover the entire display. Besides, the company has ditched the app bar and highlights the day and date without any specific boundary, in the top-left corner.

Next, the plus sign is replaced with the floating action button above the content. Meanwhile, the Dynamic Color theming has replaced the light and dark backgrounds. The larger sizes show fewer visual changes with more spacing.

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Another change appears in the Calendar month view widget which now gets a themed background with FAB in the top-right corner. The arrows are moved left as a result, while Material 3’s extra padding is on display here. Android users can see these changes in version 2023.30.0.x.

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Google Calendar Material You widgets

Google Calendar gains redesigned Material You widgets for home screen

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