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Google Camera is getting major UI changes with Pixel 8 series

Google is planning some significant UI changes for its Camera app with the upcoming Pixel 8 lineup. After a long while, the company is trying to revamp the look of the respective application with some new features and functionalities.

Looking into the details, the tech giant is mainly focusing on reachability as well as access to controls. The major UI overhaul for Google Camera in Pixel 8 series begins with the alignment of controls at the bottom of the application.

The settings icon now appears at the bottom-left corner and the settings sheet is more accessible with a swipe-up gesture. Ahead, the company has simplified the Photo and Video switcher which resides at the bottom, below the shutter and modes bar.

Proceeding further, the modes carousel now overlays on the viewfinder for a more dedicated UI. Some of these modes are:

Action Plan, Long Exposure, Portrait, Photo, Night Sight, and Panorama

Meanwhile, the video section has shifted the stabilization capability into the settings menu with Standard, Locked, and Active options. Other than that, it consists of the following features:

  • Pan, Blur, Slow Motion, and Time Lapse.

Next, the front/rear switcher is placed on the right side whereas the last shot preview is on the left. Other sliders are in the same position (left and right edge) except for the zoom tab, which resides at the top side.

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In terms of new features, Google is readying Staggered HDR to raise the speed of capturing process and a ‘Segmentation AWB’ to apply different processing to select parts of the scene and make it more accurate. One may also find an ‘Adaptive touch’ to prevent overexposed shots and improve low-light photography.

Google Camera UI Pixel 8


Google Camera is getting major UI changes with Pixel 8 series

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