Google Drive desktop now support Apple M1 Mac

Google Drive adds keyboard shortcuts to accelerate file management

“Drive for Desktop” is an integrated cloud backup application provided by Google for consumers and business users. It has retained two independent clients for many years. Now, Google Drive for Desktop has been updated to fully support Mac laptops and desktops with Apple’s M1 chip.

Earlier this year, previous consumer apps (Backup and Sync) received “improved Apple M1 support”. Also, the enterprise-focused Drive File Stream updated to Drive for Desktop received “open beta testing” support for the M1 chip in February of this year.


This year’s May update brought improvements, although it is still classified as “beta”. As of October, Google Drive for desktop 52.0 version gets the function of “fully supporting Apple Silicon (M1) Mac”.

Aside from this, it is reported that for Mac users, the new unified client is characterized by better support for photo libraries on Apple computers, including media synchronized with iCloud, which can be used as part of Google Photos upload. Google initially stipulated that the upgrade period for free account users was September.

Google Drive

The latest Google Drive update is now widely used in Mac and Windows systems, and it also solves the following problems:

  • Improve the accessibility of folders and files created offline.
  • Added support for backing up some cameras to the Drive desktop.
  • Increase the ability to manage and purchase additional cloud storage from within Drive for desktop.
  • Improved the synchronization performance when connected to the network after working offline.
  • Improve the progress information when uploading files from a USB device to Drive for desktop.
  • Added the ability to call SIP phones through the Meet plug-in.


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