Google Gallery Go app drops ‘Go’ branding

Google Gallery app

Back in 2019, Google launched the Gallery Go application as the lightweight version of the existing Google Photos. The main aim behind the development of this application is to provide a light and fast gallery app in offline mode on your Android device.

The Google Gallery Go app is built to use less space and data as well as manage and share photos without slowing down your phone. In the latest development, Google has released the new Gallery Go app version and dropped the “Go” branding from the application name.


Now, the app is just called “Gallery” instead of “Gallery Go”. However, later this year, Google shut down YouTube Go after being deemed no longer necessary. Further, in 2018, Google Files Go becomes Files by Google and marked the app pivot to a wider audience.

To be mentioned, Android Go application versions are optimized for lower-end hardware devices. At the moment, we cannot determine the initiative of Google behind the removal of Go branding from the Gallery app.

Google Gallery app

Gallery Go:

Gallery App is a Lite version and alternative to the most popular Google Photos. It is developed by Google to deliver smart, light, and fast photo and video galleries even in cheap or lower hardware smartphones.

Gallery Go keeps all your photos organized and lets you search for specific family members, friends, meals, or even selfies. With just one-tap editing, you can enhance the photo to look their best using east tools, filter, rotate, crop, and more.

(Source: 9to5Google)

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