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Google Gboard makes it easier to change skin tone and gender of emojis

Customizing emojis to reflect your individuality is now easier than ever with Google Gboard, as the new feature allows you to change the skin tone and gender of emojis with a single tap. This means that you no longer have to find a multitude of options to locate the right emoji variant that matches your preferences.

As per the information, Google is rolling out a new 13.5.03.x version update, which now lets you easily set your own default skin tone and gender for supported emojis in Gboard. It means if you long press on any emoji and select the tone and gender, then that preference will be applied to every other compatible emoji across your keyboard.

Google says, 

  • Imagine how difficult typing would be if you had to long-press each letter to change it to a capital letter, then do it again to get a lowercase letter. This would be painful, slow and frustrating. And yet, when we want to modify the appearance of our emoji’s color or gender presentation, that’s exactly what we have to suffer through.

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As emojis continue to be a significant part of our daily conversations, this addition helps users express themselves more authentically and feel represented in the digital world.

Google Gboard emojis skin tone


Google Gboard makes it easier to change skin tone and gender of emojis

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