Google Keep text formatting widely

Google Keep finally rolls out text format feature on Android

Google Keep has finally started rolling out the text-format feature for Android devices. After a long time of testing, the company is bringing the ultimate text styling capability with effective changes and functions.

According to the information, the text-format feature for Google Keep is arriving with the 5.23.322.05 version. The change will first appear in new notes and thereafter will be available for existing ones. Hence, the rollout will take time to approach all users.

Though you can try installing the latest app build from HERE.

After getting available for your Android phone, you will see a prompt – “New! Format your text in new notes”. Further, it will showcase an underlined ‘A’ sign beside the ‘plus’ icon and background option.

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Tapping on the A icon will open a new bar with H1, H2, and the old ‘Aa’ capabilities. Next, there are Bold, Italics, Underlined, and Strikethrough format options to choose from.

Google Keep text format feature


Google Keep finally rolls out text format feature on Android

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