Google Chrome sync saved tab

Google makes it easier to sync ‘saved tab groups’ on Chrome

Google is making it easy to sync saved tab groups on the Chrome app for desktops. The manufacturer has recently rolled out a new update with the 117 version that shows new functionalities and useful changes over the previous application builds.

While the feature was hidden under the latest build, a tech player named @Leopeva64 on Twitter spotted the new sync saved tab groups feature on the Google Chrome Canary. According to the details, the tweak lies in Settings > You and Google > Sync > Manage > what you sync.

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As the name reflects, this feature enables you to choose whether to sync the saved tab groups across devices. Notably, the option is separate from sync controls for open and active tabs. Thus, even if active tabs aren’t synced on other devices, your specific saved tab group will be available.

Google Chrome sync saved tab


Google makes it easier to sync ‘saved tab groups’ on Chrome

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