Google Maps gets new vehicle icons on Android to make navigation more interesting

Google Maps is a maps service offered by Google and for Android smartphone users, the company has recently added a new set of vehicle icons as an optional navigation arrow, to make the whole maps experience more interactive. To be mentioned, this feature first made its way into the iOS devices.

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You can find the new icons available inside of  Google Maps as an option. You have been able to change the car icon or vehicle icon on iOS for a long time.

This feature in Google Maps comes with a new version 10.52.2 for Android and allows you to customize your vehicle icon from the standard “arrow” to a red car, yellow SUV, and a green pick-up truck. The beta testers of Google Maps, who had this new feature, might not aware of its existence and how to use it. (Via: 9to5Google)

To use this new navigation customization feature, you need to tap the arrow icon and a small pop-up menu will appear to let you change the icons from the presets. Once started driving, the icon will begin appearing on your route.


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