Google Messages redesign navigation drawer

Google Messages switches ‘Reply’ and ‘Remind 1 hr’ tabs in notifications

Google is once again adding some new alterations to the Messages app and this time, changes appear for the Reply and Remind 1 hr tabs in the notification. Eventually, the manufacturer swapped the position of the mentioned buttons, so pay attention while tapping on the option.

Consequently, Google Messages enables you to take specific actions from the notification and two of them reside as Reply and Remind 1 hr tabs. The former lets you respond immediately to a text while the latter one reminds you of received messages after a particular time.

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While these tabs were located in appropriate positions, the US tech giant has now changed the arrangement. As of now, the sequence goes like this – Mark as read, Remind 1 hr, and Reply. The latest tweak is rolling out with the 20230808_01_RC00 beta version and is not widely available for the moment.

Google Messages Reply Remind 1 hr


Google Messages switches ‘Reply’ and ‘Remind 1 hr’ tabs in notifications

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