Google rolled out new Material You design update for revamped Calculator

Android 12 has been simplifying all sorts of things, as well as bringing new looks and functionality to apps and widgets. We’ve seen that Material You to YouTube Music playback controls, Google Maps shortcuts, and Calculator app, among many more. But it turns out that there are a few more that come with the updated calculation app (via Android Police).

While style adjustments have done a great job of making the app look good, there is now a new animation and haptic thing to make it more functional and touching. Honestly, there doesn’t seem to be much you can do in the calculation app to make it more attractive.


While the new round buttons add a wide ethos of style, the obvious similarity in the new PIN entry form for Android 12 doesn’t end there. As part of the v8.1 update, the Calculator buttons now enter the circular edges whenever they are pressed – they return to their round shape when they are released.

With the clearer aesthetic design already in place, including the app now that hides the top-level functionality of the calculator in the drop-down menu, not to mention that everything adds up or repeats to be a good thing. Finally, Calculator v8.1 is now much better for seeing and discovering what you are doing, helping you to make any future device budget into a better and more attractive app.

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