Google ‘Now in Android’ app help developers to stay up-to-date

Google Now in Android app

Google unveiled a new ‘Now in Android’ app at the I/O 2022 developer conference meet. The company brought the app to life for helping the developers. Consequently, the app works in all the areas related to Android development. Further, it also shows some best practices, fresh and suggested designs, and solutions for complex problems.


In short, the application guides the developers about the Android system as well as helps them to build better apps. Besides, it keeps the developers up-to-date regarding the new tweaks to Android. Currently, the US manufacturer is rolling out the first alpha firmware of the application.

Google Now in Android app

‘New in Android’ release notes

Here is what users will get in the first alpha release of the Google ‘Now in Android’ app:

  • UI built using Jetpack compose
  • Theme components with Material 3
  • Adaptive Layouts for different screen sizes
  • Architecture that follows Google’s official guidance
  • A reactive programming model with unidirectional data flow, implemented using Kotlin Flows
  • Room and Proto DataStore for local data storage, offline first
  • Remote/local data synchronization scheduled using WorkManager with exponential backoff
  • Documents “learning journeys we took to certain decisions with the app’s design and implementation”

Google is in the thought process to bring more features to the thoughtful app in the time ahead. For instance, user authentication, loading data from the backend, and more. You can install the app from the below-given link.

Download the ‘Now in Android’ app


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