Google Photos app now offers on-demand cinematic photo effects 

Google continues to strive for excellence when it comes to upgrading its applications. In a recent development, Google has upgraded its Photos app to include a new and exciting on-demand cinematic photo effects feature that will provide the best user experience.

Back in 2020, Google released a significant cinematic photo effect feature in the Google Photos app. It uses a machine-learning process and allows users to transform ordinary photos into moving pictures that look more vivid and realistic with cinematic effects and feel.

This sophisticated feature was used widely as it automatically applies the effect to the photos and makes them more unique and interesting. But now, it seems like the company has added a new tweak to the Google Photos app, which lets users add cinematic photo effects on demand.

As per the information, some users have noticed a new feature inside cinematic photos, which lets consumers set the duration of the cinematic shot from 1 second to 7 seconds. However, the particular option was not available before, and Google itself decides the timeline of the cinematic clip.

Moving on, the feature is already available for some users, but currently, there is no information available about its wider rollout. Therefore, we can expect that the company will expand the reach of this minimalistic tool to both Pixel users as well as Google One subscribers.

Users will find this tool under the utility button in the Google Photos Library tab. Hence, now you can choose a picture and specify how long you want the resulting clip to be, and Photos will stir out a slow-motion zoom animation of your photo, also the quality of the effect will vary based on the photo.

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Google photos on demand cinemetic photo


Google Photos app now offers on-demand cinematic photo effects 

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