Android 15 third-party apps battery

Google plans to add built-in support for app archiving with Android 15 

In today’s era using a diverse range of applications has become a necessity, but the installation of various apps leads our handy gadget to get slowed down and the battery to drain because some of them are of regular operation while many are used occasionally. So, the upcoming version of OS – Android 15 could bring a solution for this, with app archiving.

Ok, let’s first understand the app archiving, the archived apps are visually indicated with cloud icons and remain on the user’s device. However, Google Play Store added an app archiving feature last year that automatically archives apps you don’t use often to free up storage space. But it didn’t allow you to manually archive an app as of now.

So to let users archive the apps they use occasionally, Google seems to be working on baking the app archiving support right into the OS. As per the details, the Android 14 QPR2 beta suggests that Google is looking to integrate the Play Store’s app archiving feature into the Android 15 operating system.

However, this feature is available on Android 14 QPR2 versions, but some like beta 2 didn’t support it. Notably, this is not a concern as beta versions usually don’t show all the major changes or features. Thus, we’ll need to wait for the Android 15 preview program to kick off to confirm if this feature will make it into the next release or not.
Android 15 third-party apps battery


Google plans to add built-in support for app archiving with Android 15 

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