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Google rolling out new Pixel Thermometer app update exclusively for US 

Google is rolling out a new update for the Thermometer app, which enables body temperature measurements for Pixel device users living in the US. Yes, if you reside in other countries, then this feature will not be rolled out to your devices, as Google has only received approval to use it in the United States.

According to the details, the latest update of the Google Pixel Thermometer App has arrived with version 1.0.597731989 and after installing this build you’ll have to grant the Pixel Thermometer app access to the camera permission as the body temperature element uses the laser detection autofocus sensor.

Once granted the permission, you’ll see a new Body temperature option below Object temperature. Now you will need to connect Fitbit to the Thermometer to log your temperature. After this, Google will let you review and confirm several things, with the ability to turn on/off Voice Assist and Temperature Guide.

Now you will need to select your age range and hitting the tap to measure will start the process. It’s recommended to place the center of the camera bar near your forehead until you feel a vibration, then start measuring and also remove any accessories or hairs from the forehead to let the feature measure your temperature accurately.

However, once you measure your temperature you get the option to Reset or Save it, which stores the measurement in the Thermometer app for 7 days before automatically deleting it. You can also save this to your Fitbit app and will be able to open the Thermometer directly.

 Google Pixel Thermometer app update US


Google rolling out new Pixel Thermometer app update exclusively for US 

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