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Here’s what Samsung states on Galaxy S24 Android Auto issue 


Some users have been noticing the abnormal functioning of Android Auto on their newly purchased Samsung Galaxy S24 smartphones and have reported this issue on the forum. Yes, the users with Galaxy S24 series models are unable to connect Android Auto on their cars, which is bothering them a lot.

However, Samsung acknowledges that Android Auto on the Galaxy S24 series is failing to connect or stay connected and stated that the issue is with cars and not with the smartphone or Google’s software. Accordingly, users are recommended to wait till the car manufacturer releases a fix for it.

Samsung states:

  • Some users have reported that they are unable to use Android Auto to connect their Galaxy S24 to their Volkswagen, Skoda, or SEAT cars. If you are experiencing this issue, try the steps below.

Therefore, the troubleshooting tips mentioned on Samsung’s website include trying different USB cables and checking the car’s infotainment units to see if there is any setting that prevents Android Auto from starting. Users are also recommended to upgrade the Android Auto app to the latest version on the Galaxy S24 series device.

While, in Volkswagen cars, the issue surrounds how IP addresses are used while running Android Auto. Google changed how IP addresses are used for hotspots since Android 11 (Galaxy S24 uses Android 14), and that change wasn’t included by Volkswagen, which is causing Android Auto issues on the company’s cars.

However, if none of these steps resolve your issue, please contact your Volkswagen, Skoda, or SEAT customer center or service center. These manufacturers have confirmed that they are working on software updates for the affected vehicles.

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Here’s what Samsung states on Galaxy S24 Android Auto issue 

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