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Meta restricts users to run Threads web app on Apple Mac

Threads app is a trendy topic of discussion among both Android and iOS users. However, the latest talk comprises negative points. According to the details, Apple users are not able to run the Meta-owned Threads application on their Mac devices. Why so? Let’s find out.

Several users on Threads asked Meta why they are not being able to run the iPhone app version on their Apple Mac devices. Before you reach any conclusion, let us tell you that Apple Silicon-powered Macs enables its users to natively run any iPhone or iPad app on it. Though that’s not the case with the Threads app.

Responding to one of the queries, Threads engineer Jessel said –

“We tried it out internally but it’s buggy and not worth investing time to fix when we have a ton more important things to do on iOS.”

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This statement could puzzle your mind. But don’t worry as the head of Instagram -Adam Mosseri said that the team is already working on the web version of the Threads app.

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Meta restricts users to run Threads web app on Apple Mac

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