New MIUI Alpha Launcher update fixes several bugs

MIUI Alpha Launcher update

Xiaomi is rolling out a new update for the MIUI Alpha launcher with version V4.22.0.2936-02202125. The new update comes with a set of bug fixes to enhance the overall experience.

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As per the changelog, some bugs such as opening a temporary window through recent work did not return to the desktop, and the deleted animations were displayed twice. This further improved the system partitioning application, moved it to data partition, and opened a small window through recent tasks, but did not return.

Apart from this, it also fixes some desktop errors, MIUI Home errors, wallpaper ZoomManager, occasional videos, etc. For more information about the update, you can see the full changelog below.


1. Fixed a bug when opening a floating window through a recent task that did not return to the desktop.
2. Fixed a bug when the removal animation was displayed twice.
3. Split Screen Adaptation LauncherOverlay: MiuiHome Modification
4. Fixed switch to the dark mode
5. Fixed a bug in recent promises.
6. Fixed a bug where the desktop remained empty if it gave an error in recent applications.
7. Correct PIP when the zoom is invalid.
8. Fixed a bug where the desktop icon management page was displayed incorrectly when positioned from right to left
9. Fixed a bug where the cursor was displayed in recent applications.
10. Fixed accidental crash of WallpaperZoomManager.
11. Fixed. Random crashes.
12. Fixed a bug where the menu item was displayed incorrectly after exiting the split-screen.‌‌
13. Repair the system partition application to move to the data partition.

Users will have to download the 11.9MB to install the update. You can manually check the update or download it from the link mentioned below.

 Download the latest MIUI Launcher Alpha –  Download Link

*Note: The above download link is from Apk Mirror.

You can download the latest update from the above link. You can also check the Android 12 device list here.

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