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One UI 6.1 integrates lock screen and AOD on Samsung devices

Based on Android 14 the One UI 6.1 software version brings several optimizations and features to elevate the device’s functioning. But at the same time, it also carries some bugs, especially for the device’s screens, therefore, maybe in the form of a fix, Samsung integrates the lock screen and AOD with One UI 6.1.

According to the information, a support team member on the Galaxy S community first apologized for the inconvenience to users and stated the phenomena in which the notification icon is not exposed to the lock screen. In addition, the moderator also stated that the lock screen and AOD are integrated from One UI 6.1.

It means only the lock screen editing function is provided in the LockStar app and the settings applied to the lock screen will be reflected in AOD. Therefore, if the users want to perform any actions or change the settings of the lock screen then they will now need to visit AOD instead of the LockStar app on Galaxy devices.


Samsung One UI 6.1 lock screen AOD


One UI 6.1 integrates lock screen and AOD on Samsung devices

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