OnePlus Clock vs Google Clock: Which app is better for your OnePlus phone?

OnePlus Clock Google Clock

OnePlus fans! Are you checking around some alternatives that can give a tough fight to the Google apps? Well, today we are app to tell you which is the better option to choose between OnePlus Clock and Google Clock for your smartphone.

Accordingly, every smartphone user is quite curious about their devices. They keep looking for new upgrades and often demand better features and improvements in their handsets. Especially, when it comes to an application, the users focus a little more to learn which app can prove a benefit for their phone’s system.

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Adding more, a clock application plays a significant role in your smartphone. In addition to showcasing the time on the home screen, the app also serves many other functions. For instance, setting an alarm, using the stopwatch, initiating a timer, and more.

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Hence, today we will understand which clock application can serve you with an effective user experience: OnePlus Clock or Google Clock. To be mentioned, both apps provide equal benefits to the device. Yet, a few hidden tweaks make one of these services better than the other.

OnePlus Clock Google Clock

OnePlus Clock:

To begin with, the OnePlus Clock application comes with a variety of functions that enables one to see alarms, add timers, and run a stopwatch. Further, you can keep track of time around the world using the world clock, set a bedtime schedule, listen to sleep sounds and see your calendar simultaneously.

However, an interesting pinch in the OnePlus Clock is the new revamp. If we talk about the recent one, OxygenOS 13 has added a Weather Adaptive feature to the clock that let you set the alarm tones as per the weather outside. This is a fascinating feature that is exclusive to OnePlus only.

Google Clock:

On the flip side, Google Clock also opts for the same thing but with a twist. Additionally, you can pair the Google Clock app with Wear OS devices to bring your alarms and timers to your wrists. Next, the Material You theming for the respective app can easily bind your eyes to the screen.

Moreover, the overall look and design of the Google Clock are more elegant than that of the OnePlus. Thus, if you are a design-looking user, then you can opt for the Google Clock. But if you want to enjoy some new features then OnePlus Clock is the perfect option for your smartphone.

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