OnePlus Orbit 1.4.0 update comes push notification switch, improvements, and more

OnePlus Orbit

OnePlus has officially released a new update for the Orbit app with version V1.4.0. It comes with several impressive features and improvements to enhance stability as well as users experience.


Orbit 1.2.0 allows users to add external links in threads, comments, and replies. It also brings push notifications for new followers, replies, comments, and likes as well as you can switch on/off it.

Apart from these features, it also improves the notification red dot, ranking of comments, the loading speed of the home page, notification page, and profile page.

OnePlus Orbit


New Features
– Add external links in threads, comments & replies
– View images in horizontal orientation
– Push Notification for new followers, replies, comments, and likes
– Switch on/off the push notification

– Loading speed of the home page, notification page and profile page
– Notification red dot
– Ranking of comments

Notably, the latest version might cause some errors or crashes over the previous version. For a better experience, please update to the latest version immediately after release by clicking “Check for Updates” in Orbit, or download new apps from the community.

OnePlus Orbit

Back in October, OnePlus introduced a revamped Oneplus community app known as Orbit. With Orbit, the company aspires to gather OnePlus users from all over the world to co-create a better, ever-more inclusive Community that delivers a fresh product experience and invigorated community culture.

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