Oppo ODialer for OnePlus devices is a better alternative to Google Dialer

Oppo ODialer OnePlus devices

Hey, OnePlus fans! Here is an app that can eliminate the very old and formal Google Dialer in your smartphone. Oppo launched a new application named ‘ODialer’ which is finally available for the OnePlus devices with ultimate and thoughtful features.

Consequently, OnePlus has not only mastered the technology field but also look for such apps and services that can offer fruitful results to its users. And to help with the efforts, Oppo has brought the ODialer application for the OnePlus devices which is said to be a far better alternative to the Google Dialer.

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So far, a lot of OnePlus phone users have been complaining about the inability to call recordings in the Google Dialer. In simple words, while using Google Dialer, if you enable the call recording option, both parties are notified with a disclosure that the call is being recorded.

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As a result, many individuals wanted to switch to a different dialer app that can skip this part for safety concerns. However, that is not the case with the Oppo ODialer. On the flip side, several users were demanding Oppo/OnePlus self-developed dialer that could work on the corresponding phones efficiently.

Oppo ODialer OnePlus devices

What features does the app bring? Well here is a list of services that the respective application can offer to its users:

  • Call Management: View recent calls, which are organized into groups for your convenience.
  • Call Recording: Record your calls, manually or automatically.
  • Dial Pad: Quickly make a phone call with Speed Dial
  • Contact Management: Manage your contacts in one place

In addition to the recording, Google Dialer does not exhibit a true dark theme. But this dialer could show such hidden tweaks on its surface. Eventually, now you don’t have to look for other options when you already can have the official one.

Availability & Eligibility

Users with Oppo, OnePlus, or Realme handsets are eligible to use this application. So far, the app was only available to the APK store, but now you can even install it from the Google Play Store.

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