Samsung MultiStar dual messenger support

Samsung Good Lock App April 2024 update brings improvements and fixes

Samsung Good Lock app recently received a fantastic update in April 2024, bringing with it a bunch of improvements and fixes. To be mentioned, Good Lock is a fantastic tool that allows users to customize and personalize various aspects of their Galaxy device’s interface.

It offers a range of modules and features that let you tweak your handy gadget’s appearance, functionality, and other capabilities. However, this new update will work as a booster and bring improvements alongside rectifying some common bugs and issues found in the previous version.

Samsung Good Lock April 2024 update

Going toward the details, the April 2024 update of the Good Lock app improves update all features to offer better degradation and fixes plenty of bugs including the error that appears when a user tries to install plugins, the app closing with the toast Your account has been changed, and more.

Overall, after upgrading the app, users will enjoy a more seamless and optimized performance of their Good Lock App. The installation of the latest version will also result in hassle-free and enhanced functioning of the application, which further provides a more seamless experience.

Consequently, the April 2024 update of the Good Lock App has arrived with version and it carries a 12.72MB package size. Users can upgrade the app to the latest build through the Galaxy Store or you can even access it directly via this link.


With the help of the Good Lock app, users can change the lock screen, notification panel, recent apps menu, and more of their Galaxy devices. It provides you with a wide array of options to customize colors, and layouts, and even add additional functionality through various modules.

Samsung MultiStar dual messenger support

Samsung Good Lock App April 2024 update brings improvements and fixes

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