Samsung Internet Browser new update brings ‘Apply to this tab only’ feature

Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser is Samsung’s official application which comes pre-installed with every Galaxy smartphone and provides users a great browsing experience. It can also be said that the Samsung Internet Browser gives tough competition to the regular browser like Chrome.


Instead of using any other browsing app Galaxy users prefer to utilize the pre-installed application of Samsung, as it delivers them the best web browsing experience, Video Assistant, Dark Mode, Customize menu, Extensions and much more, it also gets your data protected with Smart Anti-Tracking and Smart Protection feature.

To boost the stability and performance of the application Samsung keeps on updating it with latest update. Recently a new update with version number is been released for the Samsung Internet Browser application this update brings a new feature.

Samsung Internet Browser


Provides “Apply to this tab only” option so that zooming in/out of a webpage operates by tab
* Activated “Switch to secure connection(HTTPS)” feature and made it an official menu (Labs -> Browsing privacy dashboard)
* Improved stability issues and applied new security patches

As per the changelog, the new update adds a feature called Apply to this tab-only feature it provides an option with the help of which you can zoom in or out of a webpage operates by tab. Further, it also includes an Activated “Switch to secure connection(HTTPS)” feature.

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