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Samsung will fix LockStar App’s inappropriate pop-up issue with new update 

Some users have been facing inappropriate pop-ups on their Galaxy devices. Meanwhile, Samsung has acknowledged an issue with its LockStar App, that caused inappropriate pop-ups to appear and assured to release a fix for it with the new update.

Samsung LockStar pop-up fix

As per the details, a Samsung moderator states that the inappropriate pop-ups while running the LockStar shortcut icon will be corrected through app updates. However, the tech giant has not shared any exact date to address this issue, but we can expect to get a fix with the next app version.

To be mentioned, the inappropriate pop-ups on LockStar are leading users to frustration. As these unwelcome interruptions disrupted the user experience and caused inconvenience. But, with the new release, the users can look forward to a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

By fixing the issue with inappropriate pop-ups, Samsung demonstrates its commitment to enhancing app performance and delivering an outstanding experience. So, if you are getting annoyed with this issue, then don’t worry, as the fix is on its way.


Samsung LockStar app is an app, that allows users to customize the lock screen of their Galaxy devices. It provides various options to personalize the lock screen, such as choosing different clock styles, adding widgets, and changing the background image. With this app, users can make their lock screen unique.

Samsung LockStar pop-up fix


Samsung will fix LockStar App’s inappropriate pop-up issue with new update 

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