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Say hello to WhatsApp fresh and modern look!

Key Points 

  • WhatsApp has recently got a fresh new and modern look on Android and iOS.
  • The new update brings a sleek interface, Dark Mode, and more customization options.

WhatsApp has recently unveiled a fresh new and modern look for its Android and iOS platforms. This newly revamped design focuses on providing a more user-friendly and enhanced user experience. It also revolutionizes the way users connect and communicate with friends and family.

It’s worth mentioning that, WhatsApp’s fresh look introduces a sleek and stylish interface that is visually appealing and user-friendly at the same time. The new design elements include revamped icons, new illustrations, and green buttons making it easier to navigate through the app.

One of the most anticipated features of the design update is the introduction of Darker Dark Mode. This highly requested feature on Android provides a visually pleasing experience and helps reduce eye strain. While sending photos and videos got simplified with a new attachment layout on iOS.


WhatsApp understands the importance of personalization, and with the new update, the Meta-based app aims to take the messaging experience to a whole new level.

On Android 

With the new design update, WhatsApp has introduced more dark mode, a modern native bottom, an improved navigation bar, chat filters, and brought the tabs closer to users’ thumbs for more seamless interpretation.

On iOS 

This latest update has simplified the process of sending photos and videos by adding a new attachment layout, new chat filters, and introduced an expandable tray for easier access of media.

Overall, WhatsApp’s fresh and modern look on Android and iOS brings a wave of excitement and is available to download for every WhatsApp user. So just visit the app store on your respective Android or iOS devices and install the latest WhatsApp version.

Say hello to WhatsApp fresh and modern look!

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