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WhatsApp Quick status reaction feature is in works

WhatsApp is currently working on a new feature called Quick Status Reaction. This feature is designed to enhance the way users engage with their friends’ status updates. Instead of sending emojis or writing a comment, you’ll soon have the ability to react to them quickly and easily.

WhatsApp Quick status reaction

Whether it’s a funny video, a beautiful picture, or an inspiring quote, you’ll be able to express your appreciation for the posted content instantly by tapping on the icon beside the Reply tab. However, this feature best matches the reaction that we do on our friends and family members’ Instagram Stories.

This upcoming addition will also change the way users glimpse the reaction to their status. Like the user’s reaction to status updates using emojis, or text typically appears within the chat tab of that person. But the upcoming reaction option will appear on the status screen, rather than within the conversation.

Hence, this new approach will help users keep conversations clutter-free while still being engaged with status updates of their contacts. Accordingly, the reaction on status will be protected with end-to-end encryption, so there is no chance of leaking reaction exchanged between users.


Simultaneously, this feature is still in the works and not yet available to the public. But we can expect its arrival with the future update of WhatsApp. Other than this, the Meta-based app is also preparing to allow its users to manage the Favorites Tab. Read more.

WhatsApp Quick status reaction


WhatsApp Quick status reaction feature is in works

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