Xiaomi Themes App new update

Xiaomi Themes App V2.2.6.5 MIUI update brings bug fixes

A new V2.2.6.5 MIUI update has begun rolling out for the Xiaomi Themes App, which brings a range of bug fixes and performance improvements, ensuring a smoother and more seamless user experience. This update aims to address any lingering issues and enhance the overall functionality of the application.

Xiaomi has taken the feedback of its users into consideration and has diligently worked on resolving various bugs that were affecting the performance of the Themes App.

These fixes include addressing issues such as crashes, freezing, and other software glitches that users may have encountered while using the app. By eliminating these bugs, Xiaomi aims to offer a more stable and reliable user experience.

In addition to bug fixes, the update also brings performance improvements. Xiaomi has optimized the underlying code and made necessary enhancements to ensure that the Themes App runs more efficiently.

This means faster loading times, smoother transitions between different themes, and improved overall performance. Users can expect a more fluid and responsive experience while browsing and applying themes to their Xiaomi devices.

To benefit from the bug fixes and performance improvements brought by the Xiaomi Themes App V2.2.6.5 MIUI update, users are encouraged to download and install the latest version from the official Xiaomi app store or through the link mentioned below.

MIUI Themes App 

  • Download Link – APK


Xiaomi Themes App new update

Xiaomi Themes App V2.2.6.5 MIUI update brings bug fixes

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