YouTube introduces timed emoji reactions for Android and iOS users

Finally! YouTube has introduced the timed emoji reactions for Android and iOS users. The new feature appeared in the latest update of the application that is rolling out with version v17.19.34.


It’s been a long while since YouTube assured to bring timed emoji reactions for videos. Ultimately, the users got a chance to use this feature with the latest update. However, a new tech never appears without any twists and turns. The same goes for the respective feature.

Appearance of Timed Emoji Reactions

It is not clear how the new feature is appearing. Although, the latest information suggests that it initiates with a floating window which appears when we extend the comments section of a particular video. Besides, this floating window indicates four emojis at a time.

YouTube introduces timed emoji reactions for Android and iOS users

When a user will tap any one of the emojis, it will display on the playback timeline. On the other hand, users will be able to know how many times an emoji is used in a particular video. Moreover, YouTube reports that these emojis will variate according to the video content and reactions of the users.

Currently, the feature is available to only a few channels. Hence, it may happen that not every user finds this feature on their application. However, YouTube promises to widely spread this trait to Android and iOS users.


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