Are you also facing GPS issues when using Android Auto?

Android Auto GPS issues

Android Auto is an app that takes the apps to the screen of your car so that you can drive with full focus. This app helps me a lot. But in recent times, I have started facing GPS issues when using Android Auto, which lets me get troubled while following my way.

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After installing the QPR2 beta on my Pixel device, I faced different types of GPS issues at the time of using it on Android Auto. The GPS functioning gets worse as well as slow, it keeps on updating and never shows the exact location which we searched.

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Not only me, but the other users also facing the same issues with the Android Auto app. I visited various social media platforms to find a solution to this issue. But there what I noticed is, the other users are encountering the same problem while using the app.

Let me give you an example, on Reddit, I found a user who is facing this problem with his Pixel 7 Pro smartphone. The user states, when he runs GPS, Google Maps will regularly say searching for GPS, and when the GPS does work it’s very slow to update his position and is very inaccurate.

This problem is even leading the app to show the wrong street and jump between streets, another user also says that. This problem was not even solved even after he left the beta. This problem is making the Android Auto app experience worst than ever.

We can hope that Google will fix this issue with some minor updates soon. What’s your thought, are you also facing any such issues on your Android Auto app? Or it’s going well and good and showing you the right direction to reach your destination. What will be your answer let us know in the comment section below.

Android Auto GPS issues

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