Samsung Galaxy S21 S20 FE June 2023 update

Green line issue continues to persist for Galaxy S21 Series owners

You must be aware of the green line issue if you own a Galaxy phone, but the frustrating part is that this problem continues to persist for Galaxy S21 Series owners and won’t seem to go away. Yes, the Galaxy S21 series and Galaxy S21 FE consumers have encountered a green line issue.

Galaxy S21 green line issue

As per the information, some users of Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Fan Edition have reported on X/Twitter that, after installing the latest security update, the display of their respective models started to show a green line. This causes frustration and annoyance among owners of these popular devices.

However, the owners of the Galaxy S21 Series and Galaxy S21 FE have expressed their frustration and are seeking solutions. Some users might also have attempted troubleshooting steps such as software updates, and factory resets, but these efforts have not provided any resolution.

Furthermore, Samsung must be aware of this issue, as the company has already released several software updates aimed at addressing the problem in the past, but it seems that a definitive fix has not yet been found.


The green line issue displays as a thin vertical line on the screen of the Galaxy devices. It typically runs from the top to the bottom of the display, interrupting the visuals. Notably, this green, pink, and purple line tends to appear randomly and is not limited to any specific app or usage scenarios.

Green line issue continues to persist for Galaxy S21 Series owners

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