Apple’s $25 million contributions for HBCUs community, to expands Propel Center

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Apple is working with Southern Company and a number of community stakeholders to support the launch of Propel Center, HBCU’s first and foremost learning center.

Apple’s $25 million donations enable the Propel Center to support HBCU students and faculty through a powerful virtual platform, the physical campus at the University of Atlanta, and campus activation on partner organizations.

The center is designed to support the next generation of diverse leaders by providing innovative curricula, technical assistance, job opportunities, and fellowship programs.

The Propel Center offers a wide range of educational tracks, including machine and AI learning, agricultural technologies, social justice, entertainment arts, application development, augmented reality, design and creative arts, career preparation, and entrepreneurship.

In addition to providing internship opportunities, experts from Apple help develop curricula and provide existing guidance and learning assistance.

The Propel Center was created and developed by Ed Farm, a grassroots organization working to promote innovation and educational equality. Apple’s partnership with Ed Farm and the company’s operations with three dozen HBCUs, provide coding, creativity, and job opportunities for campuses and communities across the US.

Anthony Oni, Founder and Board Chairman of Ed Farm and Vice President of Southern Company said, “We are delighted to partner with Apple on this extraordinary project”. “By serving as a springboard for change in communities across the United States, the Propel Center helps build leadership and innovation in technology and beyond.”

As part of Apple’s partnership with HBCUs, the company is setting up two new grants to support HBCU’s engineering programs. Apple’s New Innovation Grants HBCU engineering colleges help develop Silicon and hardware engineering courses in collaboration with Apple’s experts.

Based on a long-term scholarship program funded by the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, Apple now offers scholarships to 100 new Apple Scholars from discriminated communities. In addition to financial aid, the Apple Scholars Program includes Apple’s mentorship and career development experience.

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