Samsung reportedly investigating the fraud of executives at the chip foundry

Samsung is reportedly planning to expand its analysis into the location of funds implemented to obtain the yield, following the fraud report on the yield of the Samsung Semiconductor Foundry.

According to the report, the DS division of Samsung is currently reviewing yield rates on 5 nano processes, followed by 3 nano and 4 nano. As the delivered volumes are struggling to keep up with recent foundry order volumes, Samsung has doubts about the yield of the non-memory process, knowing that this will be achieved.


However, Samsung’s official said the management consultancy will look into the claims of former and current DS Division executives on the semiconductor foundry yield. The talk will determine whether those claims are false.

Also, the Samsung Electronics Management Consultancy is putting more weight on the possibility that yields may be wrong. The discussion will examine whether the investment has been properly implemented to provide the most advanced semiconductor processes.

Moreover, Cho Ho-Jin, CEO of Tachyon World said that Samsung will use this research as an opportunity to strengthen the group due to the financial status of the DS segment and the legitimacy of yields in the semiconductor processes.

Samsung Electronics’ management problem means that the company is in aggressive competition with high uncertainty, but TSMC is also struggling to reap the benefits of the 3-nano or 4-nano semiconductor manufacturing process. Investors in Samsung Electronics should pay close attention to the outcome of management consultations.

Via – SammyFans

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