Samsung SDS to transform into a true cloud company

In 1985, Samsung Group set up Samsung SDS, a subsidiary of SID, which aims to provide consulting services, technology, and re-appropriating services.

Besides this, the company is active in the research and development of IT technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and engineering outsourcing.

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As per the report, Samsung SDS President Hwang Sung-woo urged executives to move the company to a cloud-based business platform that focuses on security services and logistics.

Additionally, in his first authority message, Hwang since taking over as president and CEO of Samsung SDS last December. The cloud-based business will be the company’s main growth engine in the coming years.

“It is now time for Samsung SDS to transform into a true cloud company. Let us concentrate all strengths on cloud, logistics and security,” – Samsung SDS President.”

Hwang said the cloud should replace all IT services in the company’s business portfolio, including Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Smart Factory Solutions.

Samsung SDS is the IT solutions and logistics services division of Samsung Group in South Korea. Last year, the company had $11 trillion won ($9.7 billion) and revenue and operating profit of $ 871.6 billion.

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