Google Pixel 7 glass shatter issue | Bluetooth and Android Auto issues after January update

In this article, we are talking about two issues. First, Google Pixel 7 users are facing a shocking camera glass shatter problem. Second, there is some issue with Bluetooth and Android Auto after the January update.

  • Google Pixel 7 camera glass issue

According to information, some Google Pixel 7 users are facing camera glass shatter for no obvious reason. Unfortunately, the number is growing, check the attached tweets below. The affected users are unaware of the reason behind this issue.

It is very difficult to call it the user’s fault or some kind of manufacturing defect or problem with the design. The change in weather could be a reason for this unexpected glass shatter issue.


As reported by 9to5google, the majority of users are owned the Google Pixel 7, but some Pixel 7 Pro users are also affected by this troublesome issue. Just for your information, the camera is working fine and there’s no issue with the performance of the phone even after the shattered camera glass.

  • Google Pixel January update issue

After updating to January 2023 update, Google Pixel users are facing some issues with Bluetooth and Android Auto. Users are claiming that they are not able to connect the Bluetooth in cars after upgrading to January 2023 security patch.


Those affected by this issue are saying that they were able to connect the Bluetooth to the car before the upgrade. Who is facing this issue? Sadly, Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 device owners are the unlucky ones.

Some Pixel phone owners are also facing connection issues with Android Auto after the January 2023 patch.

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