Google Docs adds new customizable options for tables of contents

Google Docs customizable options tables

Google is hustling with the expansion of Material You tweaks for its applications and services. Following the trend, Google Docs is now bringing more new ways to format and some interesting customizable options for tables of contents.

Accordingly, you will now discover all-new three default styles where you can turn on/off the page numbers at your convenience. This addition is also significant at times of keeping the document online for a long time.

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On the flip side, the Android maker is also revamping the options in the table properties sidebar, and making them more enhanced and profound to use. The entire process concentrates to improve the overall user experience and make the functioning of the app more reliable.

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Google has mentioned the official pinches on its blog page. Along with the new optimizations, users will find different formatting styles that will help in utilizing the application more efficiently.

Google Docs customizable options tables

“Upon adding or editing a table, you will notice a new ‘Table’ section with alignment preferences and a new ‘Cell’ section with clearer cell-specific formatting options within the table properties sidebar.”

In short, the formatting and customizable options for tables of contents in Google Docs will bring you the following new tugs:

  • Toggle between three default styles (Plain text, Dotted, Links)
  • Toggle page numbers
  • Toggle tab leader styling (adds lines between a heading and the page number)
  • Include and indent headings based on levels

Eventually, these features will refine the titles and headings to personalize the content of your document.

Google Docs customizable options tables


Aside from this, the company penned down when these changes will be available to users at a broader spectrum.

  • Available to all Google Workspace customers, as well as legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers
  • Available to users with personal Google Accounts

Thus, you can check out the latest version of the Google Docs app and enjoy new features. In case, you don’t find the new pinches, do not worry and wait patiently as the company is rolling them out constantly.

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