Google Messages Magic Compose beta

Google Messages Magic Compose beta begins, but there’s a catch

Google has started shifting to AI generative features and is now initiating the Magic Compose beta for the Messages app. The tech giant introduced the functionality at the I/O 2023 event and is gradually proceeding with its development.

According to the information, users have to fulfill three eligibility points to join the Magic Compose beta for the Google Messages app. Initially, you need to sign up for this program on the Play Store. Further, this beta is currently available only in English and Android phones with US SIM cards for 18 years and above users.

However, the most important point is, the manufacturer is giving priority to Google One Premium members. Here, the subscription begins at $9.99 per month for 2TB storage. This plan also brings the perks of Workspace Premium for extra Meet features and 10% back on Google Store purchases.

In addition, the company has mentioned that users won’t receive any alerts regarding this detail. Instead, they will directly notice the RCS chat and new sparkle icon in the text field reading ‘Try it’. For the moment, the feature is confined to RCS. Though it might expand to SMS/MMS in the time ahead.

Google Messages Magic Compose beta

Magic Compose Feature

To those who are unaware, the Magic Compose feature is a new tool that produces relevant and contextual suggestions. It holds emojis, reactions, and URLs that will help you to rewrite your text in a more meaningful and attractive way.

Specifically, it doesn’t send messages with attachments, voice notes, or images. However, it may aid you by suggesting image captions and voice transcriptions. When enabled, it revises up to 20 previous messages to generate related suggestions.

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In case you are worried about security, Google doesn’t store these texts on its servers. Once used, the AI tool discards the messages from the servers. When you’re not using the features, no texts are sent to Google.

Besides, it aligns a list of suggestions with a sparkle icon that enables you to customize the text and choose from seven styles: Remix, Excited, Chill, Shakespeare, Lyrical, Formal, and Short.

Google Messages Magic Compose beta


Google Messages Magic Compose beta begins, but there’s a catch

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