Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti graphics card exposed in live images with dual fan 12pin power supply

Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti graphics card is expected to be officially released on May 31 and will be unveiled at the Computex 2021 Taipei International Computer Show. The real shots of the Founders Edition version of this graphics card have been exposed, showing a similar appearance to the products of the same generation.

The graphics card adopts an all-inclusive design, all covered with a metal shell and heat sink. The two fans are located on the front and back respectively, and the aluminum alloy heat sink is black.

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The graphics card uses a dedicated 12pin interface for the power supply, which is located on the side of the graphics card and is placed obliquely. The user needs to use the built-in conversion interface to convert the universal 8pin power supply port. Foreign media said that the power consumption of this graphics card is 350W.

This graphics card will use GA102-225 core, with 10240 stream processors, 12GB GDDRX video memory. In addition, the core base frequency of the graphics card is 1365MHz, the acceleration frequency is 1665MHz, and the memory bit width is the same as that of the RTX 3090, both of which are 384bit. The non-public version of this graphics card has been exposed many times and is expected to go on sale in June.


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